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Outbound dialing

Get across your pre-recorded message to thousands of users with a single prompt, instantly

Inbound dialing

Deliver exceptional service to your customers with automated multi-channel experience management and integrated voice response system

Missed call

A real time, zero cost solution. Gain insights, collect feedback, generate leads, run contests and more

Voice one time password

A two-factor authentication tool that allow businesses to facilitate missed call based OTP generation for potential customers

Number masking

A smart communication tool that establish seamless business connection between two parties without revealing the number of any party

5 Second pulse call

An innovative technology that help businesses deliver the brand promise over voice and send customer requested information via SMS


Ad Spend Tracker and ROI Analyzer or ASTRA help you to identify and measure your marketing media engagement and its effectiveness, and helps articulate future campaigns

Click to call

An effective mobile marketing tool that allows you to create call-back service for your customer

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