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Our robust SMS Push and Voice platforms empowers your customer interactions and promotes intelligent engagement

Large and most reputed enterprises across various industries are using ACL platform to extend their reach across geographies and establish customer relationships. Billions of real-time messaging per month greatly enhance the capabilities and help build revenue streams for enterprises.

ACL’s high performing platform is fully redundant and highly available for offering mobile customer care enterprise platforms that supports SMS and Voice messaging services for inbound and outbound marketing.


With our platforms, enrich the reliability of your system ops with 100% network and power uptime. We architect such software functionalities into modules that concentrate on well-defined tasks and ensure reliable delivery of messages at every instant. Components that run more often, such as time-critical tasks and common-case computations, are run in parallel on multiprocessor systems.


Our secured network hosting offers continuous monitoring and audit by independent security examiners and eliminates security vulnerabilities. With DDOS detection and mitigation capabilities, we let you identify traffic disruptions and improve access for legitimate parties. Advanced malware protection and 24x7x365 management and monitoring by certified security staff reduces cyber threats and enhances protection.


We cater to the growing data volumes of enterprises with scalable cache levels and powerful protection mechanism. Managing over 2 bn messages per month, our platforms enable enterprises to accommodate large number of users, sessions, calls, transactions and operations. Our cloud capable architecture allows on demand performance, horizontal scalability and high-load tolerance with zero business-downtime.


Our platforms are deployed in world-class data hubs, with N+1 redundancy and a disaster recovery (DR) centre. Boost the security of your business critical systems and voluminous data with our ISO 27001 certified data centres. With multiple bandwidth partners, complete fault-tolerance, robust internet capabilities, we power your business with constant, uninterrupted electricity supply.

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